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League & Safety Information


With most sports, the risk of receiving a concussion is a possiblity.  So you and your field hockey player can educate themselves about concussions, please refer to the below link (Concussion Central):

What are the basic rules of Field Hockey: 

Fairfield County Field Hockey Association:  

For addt'l field hockey information and directions to game locations, please visit:

Ridgefield Youth Field Hockey Rules: 

1. In an effort to implement environmentally friendly protocol and to minimally impact our beautiful Ridgefield playing fields, all athletes are required to use only re-usable containers for drinking purposes at Ridgefield fields. Make sure containers are clearly marked with player's name.


2.  Players are required to bring shin guards, goggles, mouth guards and *sticks (*will be provided for HOUSE team).  No one will be allowed to practice/play without any of the items.


3. Players must arrive 5 minutes before start of practice ready to play (with mouth/shin guard, stick and goggles). No equipment, no practice.


4.  Hair should be pulled back and no jewelry worn during practice & games.


5.  RYFH endorses an "equal playing time" philosophy in the development of young athletes.  However, RYFH also encourages the qualities of hard work and commitment.  Girls that show up to every practice/game and who are working hard will be tapped when more player time is needed.   The coaches will not, under any circumstance, discuss playing time with parents.

 every practice/game a

6.  Players must be picked up within 15 min. of end of practice/game time.  After that time, there will NOT be anyone available at field to supervise them.


7.  If a player is unable to attend a practice/game, coach must be advised at least one day prior.  Kids that show up to every practice/game and showing effort will be tapped when more player time is needed.


8.  There is zero tolerance on bullying and talking back to coaches, parent assistants, refs, teammates or opposing team members.


9.  Absolutely NO cell phone use or Ipods at practice/games.  Cell phones can be used at end of practice/games regarding pick-up.


Infraction of any of the above rules could be cause for suspension of play and or expulsion from team.

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