League & Safety Information

Player safety is a top priority for our league. Please ensure all players have the proper equipment for every practice and game. 


With most sports, the risk of receiving a concussion is a possibility. Please refer to the below link (Concussion Central) to learn about signs of concussion. Coaches will remove any player from practice or game who has been hit and will contact a parent if the there is a possibility for the player to have a concussion. 


Ridgefield Youth Field Hockey Rules: 

1. No bullying and talking back to coaches, parent assistants, refs, teammates or opposing team members.

2. No cell phone use at practice/games. Cell phones can be used at end of practice/games regarding pick-up.

3. Players are required to wear shin guards and mouth guards during practice and games. Goggles are optional. It is the parents' and players' responsibility to be sure the player is fully equipped for each practice and game. 

4. No jewelry worn during practice & games including any type of earrings.

5. Players must arrive 5 minutes before start of practice ready to play.

6. Players must be picked up within 5 min. of end of practice/game time.  

7. If a player is unable to attend a game, coach must be advised at least one day prior.  

8. Players do no need to inform a coach about a missed practice, however missing practices can impact game playing time. 

9. RYFH endorses an "effort rewarded" philosophy in the development of young athletes. This means that all players will be given the opportunity to play during game time and players who show up to every practice/game and are giving more effort may be given more playing time during games. 

10. In an effort to implement environmentally friendly protocol and to minimally impact our beautiful Ridgefield playing fields, all athletes are encouraged to use re-usable containers for drinking purposes at Ridgefield fields. Make sure containers are clearly marked with player's name.

Infraction of any of the above rules could be cause for suspension of play and or expulsion from team.