Local Clubs

We aggregated helpful information about local field hockey programs for the off season. We don't endorse any particular program but encourage each player to find a program which is a good fit and will inspire a love of field hockey! Below is a brief explanation about the Club programs.

Playing on a Field Hockey Club

Club field hockey is for players that want to increase their playing time and improve their skills in addition to their time playing with RYFH. It is a supplemental program and it is not a requirement. That said, if your player is serious about field hockey and wants to continue playing you may want to consider having them include a Club experience.

How Field Hockey Clubs Work

Field Hockey clubs typically have two different programs (1) Travel Team (2) Academy.  Players must tryout for Club Travel teams and it is a serious commitment with practices during the week and tournaments on the weekend.  Club Travel can be an amazing experience for players who are really connected to the sport. Academy is a low commitment program. Tryouts are not required. Practices are usually once per week and are coached like a clinic. Academy is a great option for players who play other sports during the off season and looking to keep skills fresh. Most clubs have both programs available.  Players should choose a club with a coaching style that is a good fit for the player and a schedule/location that is convenient, otherwise it can become a stressful situation! Each club can answer any questions you may have about traveling for games/tournaments and fees associated with it. 

Club Field Hockey Age

When signing up for a Travel Club or Academy program teams are split by age ranges. For example U10 is for players 10 and under, U12 is for players 12 and under, etc., Some clubs start their programs at U10. Others offer U12. All clubs offer U14, U16 and U19 for aspiring high school and college bound players. It is a personal decision on when to start your player in a Club. That said, most players don't typically start until they are in 7th or 8th grade.

Club Winter and Spring

Travel Club and Academy winter field hockey is played indoors and games are played in a 6v6 format. An indoor stick and glove are required. Travel Club and Academy spring field hockey is played outdoors in a 7v7 format. Players use their outdoor stick and the same equipment as the fall season. 

Ridgefield players have enjoyed playing with each of the following clubs listed below. Reach out to the club with any questions. 

Local Field Hockey Clubs

RYFH - Ridgefield - We offer spring and winter clinics at RA in the offseason

AGH - Greenwich/Danbury

AIM - Newtown 

CT Elite (Formerly Chelsea Piers) - Norwalk and Chelsea Piers 

FHCC - Fairfield/Westport 

HTC - New Milford and northern CT 

New York Hockey Club- Somers NY